A typical Naguirathi wizard.

“I can’t stand those freaky fishmen from the Eastern Continent. I’d love to throw one in a mud puddle someday and watch him flail in blind panic. Ha!” — anonymous Rashvok guardsman.

The Naguirathi are a race of small amphibious humanoids that live on the Eastern Continent of Runetar. Although hideous on the inside and the outside, they consider themselves quite beautiful and like to wear white to reflect the purity they believe themselves to have.


Naguirathi are generally humanoid. They have three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, with special muscles that can retract the webbing to allow fine object manipulation. They stand 2’10" tall on average, and weigh 40lbs. For moisturizing, their hairless skin contains stores of water which slowly depletes over the course of a few weeks. Their black, orb-like eyes are unreadable. They can breathe underwater, but may panic unless the water has been magically purified.

Naguirathi newborn are laid as eggs in a purified pool of water, and then hatch as tad-pole like creatures with fins and a tail, rather than arms and legs. As they mature, their fins slowly grow to become more like arms, and their tail splits into legs, which is why adult Naguirathi do not have vestigial tails.


Naguirathi prefer to wear white robes, symbolic of the purity they see themselves as embodying. Every surface of every Naguirathi structure is meticulously cleaned and polished constantly. Naguirathi will neither bathe in nor drink water unless purified in a special ritual requiring three Naguirathi to perform.

This fear of uncleanliness is primarily driven by the poor immune systems of the Naguirathi. If a Naguirathi is caught with a disease outside his home, he is sentenced to death by furnace, because sickness makes more sickness.

They cannot abide the Rashvok, and would commence genocidal war against them if not for the impassable barrier of the Endless Canyon. However, they need the silver and gold that the Rashvok lands have in abundance, so they trade via the Naye Azeri. Their golems and golem-suits permit them to grow the white saffron that the Rashvok are so fond of in exchange, as well as feed their people.

The Naguirathi have been involved in a generations-old conflict with the Unzurathi, a subterranean sub-race that they can never seem to catch.

Although the Naguirathi have the capacity to build flying constructs, their treaty with the Naye Azeri forbids them from doing so.

Game Rule Information (pending Blydden’s approval):

  • +2 Int, -2 Con
  • Small size
  • Base land speed: 20ft
  • Sensitive Skin: A Naguirathi must bathe in clean water to keep his skin healthy. If a Naguirathi does not bathe after 2 weeks + one day per point of Constitution, his skin begins to dry and crack, causing him to lose 1d2 points of Dexterity per day, to a minimum of 1, at which point any sort of movement causes 1d2 points of lethal damage per round of movement from bleeding. To do anything involving motion, including cast spells with somantic components, a Naguirathi in this state must succeed on a DC 20 Concentration check due to the immense pain.
  • Mysophobia: A Naguirathi will never set foot in mud, slime, blood, unpurified water, or anything that would be considered ‘unclean’. If thrown or physically exposed to such a substance, he must make a DC 10 Will save against fear. Failing this save causes him to panic, success means he is merely shaken until the offending substance is completely removed from his body. A Naguirathi under mental domination is allowed another saving throw if instructed into the substance.
  • Sickliness: Naguirathi have a -2 racial penalty against disease.
  • +2 bonus on Bluff checks— their eyes never betray their intentions.
  • Naguirathi wizards start with the Craft Construct feat, described in the Monster Manual, page 303, but cannot use it until they meet the feat’s normal prerequisites.
  • Spell like abilities: dancing lights, mage hand, purify food and drink 3/day, Tenser’s floating disc 1/day. Caster level equals character level.
  • Racial weapon proficiency: All Naguirathi are trained in the use of the polemace for self-defense.
  • Favored Class: Wizard


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